Our Features

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Multiple Sales Channel

We offer seamless multi-channel selling on Amazon and eBay. It can help to buffer against the ups and downs in any one particular channel, meaning less risk of catastrophic slumps or being suddenly edged out of business by new competition.

Catalog Management

It is crucial for sellers to efficiently manage eCommerce product catalog for enhancing user experience. With PBE 360, you can efficiently manage catalog on different channels enabling sellers to build a true omni-channel experience.

Order Management

PBE 360 provide syncing with the leading sales channels - Amazon and eBay. This means all your orders will be aggregated into one single back office system, ensuring you have a centralized process and a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Inventory Management

PBE 360 syncs inventory with all the supported sales channels within seconds, ensuring your customers are never disappointed due to inaccurate inventory availability, while manual updates are completely excluded.

Customer Management

Customers want to roll between channels while retaining context, which requires a connectivity and synchronization to link customer activities. We integrate top multi-channels creating a single, integrated experience for your customers across every touch point.

Report Management

We provide insightful reports on inventories, stocks, orders, sales summary allowing the sellers to broadly see how their products are performing on Amazon and eBay.

Our Customer Say's

Before PBE 360, we faced numerous problems that were having a huge impact on efficiency, including syncing inventory and keeping track of purchase order across multiple sales channels. PBE 360 has helped us in strengthening inventory management with multiple channels and improving purchase orders.

- Adriana K.